Off to the year 2024!

Dear Future-Creator,

How did you start the new year?

Full of confidence, zest for action and new plans? Full of concern in view of the numerous conflicts, social division and transgression of planetary boundaries? Both or completely different? What will the year 2024 bring?

I would like to share with you 3 of the questions that are on my mind at the start of this year – and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them:

Who do I want to be in 2024?

I am not a scientist, politician or influential business leader. For a longer time I asked myself, what can I do to make a difference?

At some point, I realized that I can support people very effectively in their development – individually and in groups. I love creating spaces in which people can experience human connection, even with very different backgrounds and contrary opinions, where they can engage in generative exchange and surpass themselves. Spaces in which they experience that it is enriching to have different perspectives on a topic and that conflicts can be breeding grounds for creativity and positive change.

What if we had many more spaces like this – everywhere? And how can they help us in business, politics and civil society to make deeply connected, courageous decisions with a systemic, long-term view and collaboratively tackle activities that are geared towards the good of all (ego to eco)?
I have a great desire to explore this further.

What handprint do I want to leave this year?

When I first heard about the concept of the „handprint“, I thought of the numerous small traces that my son leaves on every pane of glass 🙂
What is meant, however, is the positive contribution we make to sustainability.

Here is a brief overview of the concept of footprint and handprint in sustainability (originally recorded for our Mindfulness-based Sustainable Transformation (MBST) program):

My handprint in 2024: inspiring & empowering even more people to collaboratively shape a future worth living.

Main topics:

  • Self-Leadership and Leading others
    (especially dealing with uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, strong emotions, unconscious biases)
  • Sustainable Leadership (Framework Inner Development Goals)
  • Systemic Transformation
    (mindshift, behavioral change & holistic development of potential, both individually & collectively)
  • Psychological Safety and Effective Collaboration
  • Motivation & Intrapreneurship
  • Nature Connection

With wonderful partners on-site (indoors & outdoors) and online, for example by:

Would you like to tackle the topics together in 2024 – for yourself and/or your team?
I look forward to hearing from you!

How much space do I give myself and others?

Science shows that every transformation starts on the inside, with our mind. Regardless of whether we are talking about personal development, changes at team and organizational level or social change.

How I look at myself, other people and my environment directly influences my actions (book recommendation: Rutger Bregman „Im Grunde gut“).
If I want to initiate change, I need to create space…

  • Space between stimulus and reaction to break out of old automatisms and enable development,
  • Space for experimentation in order to develop possible solutions beyond existing frameworks of thought and action
  • Space for connection (to myself, other people, our nature), which significantly influences both the quality of cooperation and the quality of results

Or how Nora Bateson puts it: „We don’t have time to be in a hurry! If you are in a hurry, you gonna make first order mistakes. It’s incredible how much faster things move when they are given room.“

I am very much looking forward to creating space for transformation with you this year! This is even possible in very short meetings and workshops.
In my enthusiasm and the resulting high density of activity, there is definitely potential to also create some more space for myself this year… with gardening, hiking, playing with my little world explorer, surfing, lying in the grass… you might know what I’m talking about 😉

What questions are you asking yourself at the start of the year? What inspirations would you like to share?
I am very much looking forward to your thoughts!

I wish you a joyful and healthy 2024 full of connectedness and impact!


Katharina Buchgeister